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Scout Shop Stock Control  v.1.0

I am currently developing a stock control program for Warrington Scout Shop. It will also work with other scout shops and with a little modification as a basic stock control program for any shop. It is also hoped to include an online ordering system too.

Cerberus Test Control System  v.2

The original Cerberus Test Control System seems to be abandoned by its authors/developers. This project intends to revive

Cluster Control System: Project Mu  v.b.alpha

A LDAP based cluster control system that allows the deployment and administration of heterogeneous clusters. An extremely generic framework designed to be extended as required by administrators for each

Embedded Bathroom Control System  v.0.7

The Embedded Bathroom Control System is a small system to controlthe bathroom fan, other devices and report information on an LCD

Home Automation and Control System  v.1.0

Home Automation and Control System is a software which can control devices (using pc lpt port) at home from anywhere with any internet enabled device. This software drives a solid state relay by which we can control our home

HRCS (hospital room control system)  v.20060917

HRCS (Hospital romm control system) is a system for remote operator monitoring of hospital rooms.HRCS supports serial or TCP/IP communication.HRCS is based on the linux kernel and is the only one process running in the

MNDACS - Java Control System  v.0.2.alpha

MNDACS (Mesh Networked Data Acquisition and Control System) is a Java, network based control system. The project approach is to build a mesh system to tolerate control unit breakdowns with load balancing between

MyNC Numerical Control System  v.1.0

Universal CNC (Computer Numerical Control) system with accompanying communication and graphics

Ogre Camera Control System  v.0.5.0

An Ogre camera control system plugin. Easily expandable and plugable to current Ogre projects. It implements some basic camera modes: free, orbital, chase, through target... Still in early

RuscalTech Contest Control System  v.1.0

A contest control system fashioned after the famous CSUS PC^2 System. This system is designed to facilitate distributed problem submission and judging; as well as clarification & appeals (both requests and responses), and other contest hosting ...

Non Player Character Control System (SL)  v.1.0

The Non Player Character Control System is designed to provide a web interface for designing, managing, and deploying NPCs in Roleplay environments in Second Life that use the open source CCS script, race, and experience system.

Telescope Control System  v.1.0

This program tries to emulate the meade telescope control system (tcs) in a computer, so to create a working system for the tololo telescope of the "Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile". The system is intended to be controlled via a web ...

BLock Oriented Control System  v.1.0

Blocs (BLock Oriented Control System) is a highly modular approach to hard and soft realtime control. Complex systems can be built by loading and interconnecting software components, and systems can be modified and tuned on the fly.

Cerberus Test Control System 2  v.2

The original Cerberus Test Control System seems to be abandoned by its authors/developers. This project intends to revive it.

OpenJCS (Job Control System)  v.1.0

OpenJCS (Job Control System) is a batch scheduling and control system for use on Unix systems which uses load balancing, dependency control, scheduling, runbooks, queueing and resource allocation subsystems for unmatched scalability and flexibility.

Jade Inventory Control System  v.1.0

Jade is a web-based Inventory Control System built using Ruby on Rails.It is designed to be a reliable, easy to use solution for keeping track of purchases, sales, clients, vendors, prices, discounts, and much more.

Budgetary Control System  v.1.0

Enterprise Budgetary Control System support:

School Control System  v.2

This is a simple system written in PHP for controlling Microsoft Office Excel project for teachers. He have a full control of the

Optical control system  v.1.0

This system have how main goals the control of store optical.

BUsiness COntrol System  v.0.1

Web Based System for managing Inventory, Sales, Purchasing and related Business

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